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About Eashub (1-Stop PCBA)

Electronic Assembly Solution Hub Technology ( Eashub)
Founded in 2011, Eashub is a leading PCBA supply chain solution platform in Asia. Eashub provides one-stop customized supply chain services for small and medium-sized companies, laboratories, research institutes and design houses in industrial, automotive, medical, and aviation industries. We have strategic relationship with component distributors, mechanical shops and world leading EMS facilities to provide best services from material procurement, PCBA manufacturing to box build assembly. Eashub has a world class team of engineering and manufacturing resource to review customer’s design, optimize manufacturing process and finish production within budget and in high quality. We support our customers from quick turn prototype, small batch trial production to mass production.

Different with traditional EMS and supply chain companies, Eashub only focuses on small customers and  drives supply chain solutions through internet technology on the basis of Eahub’s capability on supply chain designing, centralized procurement, data algorithms and assistants small customers fix the challenge on demand, qualification, lead time and quality. Addition to its own factory, Eashub also cooperates with the world top 20 EMS, full utilizes their hardware and capability on quality and qualifications. Customers whatever big or small, all have the chance to own industry-leading supply chain services and product delivery.

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